E3 2015 – Trials Fusion: Awesome Levels Max

As if Ubisoft hadn’t won in the fun department with their opening trailer for South Park: The Fractured But-Whole, they completely upped their game with a sucker-punch of a trailer that slayed the audience in one foul swoop.

Starting off looking all dark and dreary, audiences were unsure of what was to follow. The sight of horse hooves led many to believe that this would be something in the vein of Darksiders. We were then given the glimpse of a gun, leading to confusion amongst viewers. Maybe this was some kind of Wild-West/Fantasy hybrid. A swift shot of a cat’s eyes only further added to the fantasy idea. The bleak tone continued until the huge reveal blew everybody away.

Pulling the rug out from under the collective rug, a unicorn proudly strode to the top of a mountain with a gun-wielding cat looking ready for action. The title card then burst onto the screen for Trials Fusion: Awesome Levels Max, baffling some and exciting others. Whilst we weren’t given any gameplay, excitement is at a record level as this small little tease promises us so much silliness and creativity that we eagerly await any further developments on this cool little add-on.