E3 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront Lands

A surprisingly touching monologue opened up the display for one of the most anticipated games of recent years. A series of photo-realistic images heightened the anticipation, displaying all of the depth and attention to detail that has gone into the labour of love that is Star Wars: Battlefront. Fan favourites like the X-Wing and Luke Skywalker were greeted by gasps of awe from the audience.

This was followed by a display of the gameplay, inspired by the iconic battle on Hoth from Empire. Captured from the PS4, the gameplay opened up with sweeping shots from inside a rebel base that captured the spirit perfectly. A first person perspective guided us into the battle, showing us identical environments from the film. Before we had a chance to settle in, the action kicked off, with AT-AT Walkers storming into battle and from there it was all out chaos.

The game runs at a smooth 60fps and switches seamlessly between first and third-person for a very streamlined experience. Players were shown the incredible sights of being able to take down the enemy machines with powerful new weapons before engaging a horde of enemies with your trusty firearms.

It didn’t end there, we were then taken inside an AT-AT Walker for an exhilarating on-rails experience. Before long, we were inside a ship, flying over the dynamic battlefield and blowing the hell out of anything that got in their way. If flying the crafts weren’t enough, there was a white-knuckle flight through the caverns of Hoth, which gave us all new reasons to be more excited.

The plump cherry on the cake, two of the most iconic characters of Star Wars made an appearance. Yes guys, Luke Skywalker and Darth frikkin’ Vader! Stood proud in some of the most stunning graphics ever seen on a console. In the ultimate tease, we were cut short before a proper battle broke out. We were all left mouths open, eagerly awaiting that Novemeber 17th release date.