E3 2015: Fallout 4 What We Know So Far & It’s Coming Nov 2015

Bethesda during their live conference at E3 2015 right at the end announced that Fallout 4 will be released on November 10th 2015 and will be based in Boston as we already know. Bethesda announced a few games during their 1.5 hours but spent the most time on what people wanted.

Bethesda have stressed that they wanted concentrate a lot on the smaller details and have been working hard on Fallout 4’s details even down to custom panels for all the different technology in the game for their concept art. Concept art of the game showed the sea, a swap and some other interesting structures such an overturned ship.


Fallout 4 starts before the nukes go off you will be able to sculpt your character through a mirror in the pre-war timeline. There will be no sliders you just sculpt the face as needed and of course you can play as a female. The character creation system is a dynamic system which is used to make all the NPCs in the game. The demo showed a lot of the game of the pre war footage and a lot of different dialogue options, with some familiar screens such as your characters stats.

The lone survivor of Vault 101, based 200 years later and is a massive dynamic world with player freedom being the number one goal.  Full visual based rendering is based on the new version of the creation engine which features like volumetric lighting.

You will be able to get a dog as a companion which you can give commands to like fetching items and moving to certain areas, commands given to the dogs are all contextual and depend on what you are focusing on. We saw a updated UI with a new VATS system, not much was shown of the new system

There is also a new PipBoy 3000 Mark 4 which has a better system where you can play games such as Donkey Kong inspired one, a layered armoured system all while listening to HoloTapes.


The Fallout 4 Pipboy edition will come will a real life PipBoy which uses your phone either Android or iOS, an app and allows you to use it as a second screen experience. Works on PC, PS4 and Xbox One over wifi and is the same code as in the game for the PipBoy. The app will work on mobile phones without the PipBoy and will come out when Fallout 4 is released.

Your character while playing the game will be able to scrap items in the world to build buildings in real time. You are able to make it your own experience. As you grow your settlement traders and other people will arrive and you can feed them with food planted and water. Electricity is featured in the game which has a basic circuitry system, which you can add turrets for your defences to protect against the raiders. This is all optional.


The new crafting system allows you to make modifications and change base weapons which you can create from every item in the world, so everything becomes usable. You can even modify your own power armour. The power armour also seems to be able to fly through the sky with a jet pack and the rocket launcher makes a comeback with deadly teddy bears.

More about Fallout 4 will most likely be coming after E3 and for the latest updates stay tuned right here at VGU. What do you think of this latest Fallout 4 development live from E3 2015? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.