E3 2015: DOOM details revealed at Bethesda Media Breifing

Bethesda have finally publicly shown their upcoming continuation of the Doom franchise at their 2015 media briefing. The title was previously shown behind closed doors at an event earlier this year.

The new DOOM is built on the IDtech 6 engine. The game features a double jump, mantling of objects, pulling demons hearts out. The DOOM marine shoved a demons foot into it’s face, which is one of the contextual melee on weakened enemies to execute them. At one point the marine pulls a guys hand off for hand print to open a door. Chainsaw. Enemies can execute you, a Revenant pulls the DOOM marine’s arms off and beats him to death with them.

Multiplayer is back. Fast-paced, arena multiplayer. Multiple game modes including freeze-tag, domination and more.

DOOM Snapmap announced , which features mod support for all platforms, players can design their own game modes. Map designer built for any player to create new maps and game modes.

This is the first year that Bethesda have hosted their own media briefing at E3, preferring to show their titles at Sony and Microsoft’s conferences in previous years.

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