New Trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider

Good news for Tomb Raider fans, the latest trailer and box-art for the upcoming¬†Rise of the Tomb Raider has landed and boy does it look good. Moving away from the gritty-survivalist themes of the previous game,¬†Rise looks as if it’s going back to the series roots; embracing exploration and treasure hunting over brutal violence. The new trailer finds Lara scaling the walls of an icy mountain in a blizzard, it’s almost enough to warm the heart.


Following on from the previous game,¬†Rise of the Tomb Raider finds Lara Croft searching for the truth behind myths and legends from around the world after her experiences with the supernatural in the Yamatai were covered up by the shady organisation Trinity. In a bid to prove she’s not insane, Lara puts to the test all of her skills to seek out answers before Trinity can cover them up, having to face humans, animals and treacherous weather in the process.

There’s also the newly unveiled box-art (which you can see below), showing Lara stood in the opening to a cave with a flare in one hand and a pick-axe in the other, it’s just like old times. It really captures the essence and tone of the game perfectly. With what we’re seeing from the trailer and box-art we can be safe in assuming that the majority of this game will take place in Arctic locales, adding new survivalist dimensions to the already deep gameplay found in the last outing.


Rise of the Tomb Raider will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, before getting an Xbox 360 release further down the line, no word has been announced yet on whether we will see PC and PS4 ports. Expect to see it hit shelves in the winter.