AlphaBetty Saga Comes To Mobile

King have announced today that their word based saga game is now available on mobile devices. AlphaBetty Saga is now ready to download for free through the App Store and Google Play.

AlphaBetty sets players on a quest as adventurous mice with the main character being a mouse called Betty, living in the 1930s, who follows her grandfather Professor Alpha and his assistant to discover lost words and complete the Encyclopedia of Everything.

The game allows players to create words by connecting any adjacent tile, scoring points and advancing through the world. Familiar styles of gameplay from other King games will make a themed appearance with 5 different game modes to offer such as bubble popping, dropping the cheese, getting to a certain score and more.

At King, we’re continually thinking of new ways to entertain our players and diversify our portfolio of games.

AlphaBetty Saga does just that and is our first word-based ‘Saga’ game, offering players a brand new strategic thinking experience with a rich story adventure at its core.

– Mihai Sfrijan, Studio Head at King.

AlphaBetty which spans across 140 levels is split into three chapters through London, New York and Egypt. As you make your way through the levels you will be able to pick up Artifacts which hold abilities to further help you along your journey. AlphaBetty Saga is available to play for free now on iOS, Google Android and Facebook.