Bethesda Reveals Fallout Countdown Clock

This is not a drill people! Sound the alarms, get in the bomb shelter and prepare your Nuka Colas and packets of Blamco Mash as it seems that at 3pm BST on Wednesday, we will be getting our first glimpse at Fallout 4. Just appearing on the Bethblog and via the Bethesda official Twitter account, the infamous ‘Please Stand By’ screen has appeared, showing a 24 hour countdown towards something happening tomorrow.

Will it be the long rumoured cinematic trailer that has been worked on by Guillermo Del Toro’s film company? Will it just be a glimpse at the game’s title art or will we actually get gameplay? If I was a betting man, I’d imagine it will just be a short teaser, before a big information blowout at the E3 presentation in the early hours of Monday morning.

Check out the Fallout countdown for yourself. Be patient as I think the site is being overloaded with the sheer wave of hype and traffic which is being directed towards this page. Are you ready for Fallout 4? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.