Flotsam Is A Water Based Survival Town Builder

Currently under development by indie Belgian development team, Pajama Llama Games, is an incredible looking survival game, that isn’t afraid to stray from the current. With so many survival games focusing around you as an individual making it in a tough environment, it is hugely refreshing to see a game that focuses on the survival of a community. So refreshing it is like splash of water in the face, which is incredibly coincidental considering that Flotsam is based in a flooded world.

Not much exists in term of gameplay videos at current, but in an homage to Bethesdas 3 seconds of Doom gameplay teaser, they posted this short snippet:

Not much to go off, sure, but to go along with this, Pajama Llama have also been posting screenshots every saturday (almost) since its announcement in February. They have a website currently in place, but more information can be found on the Pajama Llama Facebook page and these forum pages. The game seems to focus on the collection of random flotsam to help make an almost “Waterworld” styled town. With the separate needs for survival relying on different buildings to ensure the essentials are available to the citizens.

Flotsam Buildings Concept

The unique cell shaded art style of Flotsam brings the whole game together to make it stand out as one to watch. The concept art shows a lot of character, and Flotsam looks to follow suit in its gameplay, with an original idea behind the game in its entirety.  It is still early in the games development, but from what is available currently, it looks to be an interesting take on the survival genre.