Wildstar To switch To A “Free To Play” Business Model

Since Wildstars official launch in June of last year, it has most definitely made itself at home as a top contender for the most popular MMO race, and it may go to a whole new strength with it’s plans to become Free To Play. The decision was announced yesterday to drop the subscription based business model, in favour of allowing new players to play for free. While it currently remains with it’s original subscription set up, in Autumn of this year, it will become available to a whole new crowd.

Whether they will have more in game transactions in the form of C.R.E.D.D, Ncoin, or item purchases, to make up for the loss in subscription fees is currently unclear, but there will be a new paid service called the “Signature Service”. Current subscribers won’t go unrewarded for their dedication. For any and all who have maintained a subscription since launch, they will be rewarded with exclusive content, including a special “Caretaker DJ house Decor” an “Ikthian Crawler Mount”, and various other goodies including two titles. Those who have a subscription up until the change over will also be rewarded with a few special items, though bear in mind you will only be eligible for the second tier of rewards if you have a subscription from before the 15th of June. For more information check out the guideĀ on Wildstars Site. To along with the announcement, the development team put out this video.