Block N Load Ablockalypse Weekend

Jagex have announced Block N Load will get a new hero and special gamemode this weekend. The new gamemode will be available this weekend only.

Following the game’s launch and the addition of Asterella, Block N Load welcomes new hero Sweet Science to the fray. Dubbed the king of the dirty fight, Sweet Science is able to dish out pounding blows with his fists, as well as hit with dash attacks, gravity traps and ability to disable enemy devices.


As well as Sweet Science, this weekend sees the introduction of new Ablockalypse Mode, available in both the full game and the demo – this weekend only. The short term gamemode promises frenzied gameplay that includes shorter build times, more power and an increased scope of arena destruction. Block N Load ensure that Ablockalypse is for new and experienced players alike, where life is cheap and the frantic battles are shorter.



Block N Load Ablockalypse weekend will draw to a close on Monday 1st June at 10am BST. If you don’t own the game, check out our review or try the free demo on Steam. Demo players will have access to the new gamemode over the weekend.