Capcom Formally Unveils M. Bison for Street Fighter V

It must definitely be a Tuesday, as Capcom have just released a brand new trailer for Street Fighter V, showing off the Psycho Powered Dictator, M. Bison. The leader of Shadaloo has learned a few new moves for this installment of the Street Fighter franchise, gaining his own projectile as well as an ability to absorb and reflect enemy shots back at them. He has even kept some moves from Omega Mode from Ultra Street Fighter IV, making this version of Bison look like the most powerful one yet. He gets a short range burst attack, which looks very similar to Decapre’s Ultra 1 and even gets a Heel Kick which can cancel into multiple stomps. His Psycho Crusher looks in tact as well, ending his match with Charlie in style.

He also seems to have aged a bit between games, showing off a bit of white hair underneath that hat of his. Maybe we’ll see more aged fighters as we learn more about Street Fighter V? A balding Ken maybe? Zangief with a zimmer-frame? We will no doubt learn more about Capcom’s latest addition to their revolutionary fighting game series at E3 next month. In the meantime, check out M. Bison in action in the trailer below and expect more Street Fighter news very soon.