E3 2015 Press Conference Times and Dates

With it being just a month until the doors open on E3 2015, we thought we’d compile all the dates and times for the big press conferences which are happening at E3 this year, so you can make sure to tune in to every announcement. We have already put forward our to-do lists for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft so it is just a matter of time to see if we will get what we hoped for with this year’s press conferences. Will we see Fallout 4 at Bethesda’s conference? Is Valve going to announce something big at the PC Show? Will we get some in-game footage of Star Wars Battlefront during EA’s press conference? It is only a month until all these questions are answered.

All of the dates and times for each press conference have been confirmed and we will give you the start times in both PDT and BST. The conference rush opens on Sunday the 14th of June, with Bethesda’s press conference kicking off the event.

Sunday 14th June:

Bethesda – 6:30pm PDT/2:30am BST

Monday 15th June:

Microsoft – 9:30am PDT/5:30pm BST

EA – 1pm PDT/9pm BST

Ubisoft – 3pm PDT/12am BST

Sony – 6pm PDT/2am BST

Tuesday 16th June:

Nintendo – 9am PDT/5pm BST

Square Enix – 10am PDT/6pm BST

PC Gaming Show – 5pm PDT/1am BST

Expect minute to minute coverage of all of the press conferences here on VGU, as well as summaries, reactions and opinions to all of the announcements coming out of E3 2015. It looks like it is going to be a big one.