Block N Load Updates Released

Jagex have announced Block N Load updates following the games release on the 30th April. This content update sees the introduction of a new hero and the opening of Ranked Mode.

The new hero, Astarella, is equipped with the latest sci-fi weaponry, and able to buff her and her team’s movement speed and jump distance. Dubbed as the games intergalactic heroine, Astarella is the first new addition to the roster brought in with this update.

Meet Astarella, the new Block N Load hero!

The Block N Load Update also sees the doors unlocked to Ranked Mode gameplay. Players levelled 20 or above can access the competitive side to Block N Load, with the pre-season live now. Players must battle through 10 placement matches to be allocated a division, before being sent into the full brunt of ranked play.

The final part of this update announcement sees the demo of Block N Load now live on Steam. There are no time restrictions, allowing new players to freely access friendly and custom matches. Players are restricted to three characters in the demo.

Nigel, Cogwheel and Tony are playable in the Block N Load demo!

David Solari, Vice President of the game, said, “It’s fantastic to get Block N Load out into the world, and to get new content into the hands of fans so swiftly after launch. We intend to keep up the momentum and release lots more cool features and content within a targeted fortnightly schedule.”

The Block N Load update content is live now for players to enjoy on Steam. If you’re not convinced yet, stay tuned for the VGU review coming later this week!