Check Out Some Fantastical Monsters in New Witcher 3 Dev Diary

We are closing in on The Witcher 3’s release date, with only 2 weeks to go until we get to experience CD Projekt Red’s magnum opus of an RPG. So, to tide you over until the game launches on the 19th, the chaps over at CD Projekt RED have released a brand new developer diary, which discussing the design, strategy and majesty of some of the monsters Geralt will slay in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

You can even read in game essays and books to help you defeat such beasts, with certain tomes telling you a typical monster’s attack pattern, fears, weaknesses and habitats. Use knowledge to your advantage as you combat griffons, sirens and a whole host of other mythical creatures. Check out the dev diary below and expect more Witcher news and our full review very soon.