Nintendo Unveils Tracks and Vehicles for Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2

Through a series of trailers on Nintendo of Japan’s Youtube channel, the company has revealed the 8 tracks and 4 new vehicles players will be able to race around in the new DLC pack for Mario Kart 8. Along with the 3 new racers of Dry Bowser, Villager and Isabelle, racing fans will return to retro courses like Ribbon Road and Cheese Land from Mario Kart Super Circuit, as well as Baby Park from Double Dash and Koopa City from Mario Kart 7.

As for brand new tracks, you can take in the lovely view of Wild Woods, dart between subway trains in Super Bell Subway, take a visit to Animal Crossing and zip around in anti-gravity on Big Blue. The updates of the retro tracks look fantastic, with Ribbon Road’s new coat of paint being the standout, with the track now being set in a child’s bedroom complete with Yarn Yoshis and toy karts strewn about the floor. The new vehicles range from the P-Wing, which looks incredibly similar to the Mach 5 from Speed Racer, the 3 wheeled Bone Rattler, the beetle modeled Streetle and the moped City Tripper. Don’t forget that you will also have to contend with the game’s new 200cc mode, which will be perfect for those F-Zero courses and opens up a brand new opportunity for shortcuts and advanced tricks on old tracks. It also rebalances the actual racing, giving lighter racers with high grip and turning ability an edge against the usually dominant heavies. Hopefully, you’ll see less Bowsers dominating the leaderboards when 200cc rolls out.

The DLC Pack looks like another winner, holding the same level of polish as the previous one and adding the game changing 200cc mode, which fundamentally changes how you play Mario Kart 8. Take note that 200cc is free as opposed to the new tracks and racers, so anyone can experience the blistering speeds of this new mode. Check out the Japanese reveal trailer below and make sure to look through the rest of the channel if you want to see individual drive throughs of every track.