Goro Gameplay Finally Shown and Possible Secret Character Leak for MKX

In footage fans have been long awating, NetherRealm have finally released a trailer showing the half man, half dragon powerhouse Goro in action. He seems to be pure brute force, pummeling his enemies into paste with his 4 arms or using his dragon blood to set enemies alight with his fire breath. From the trailer, we got a quick glimpse of his X-Ray, which showed him performing some very serious back surgery on his opponent while one of his Fatalities has him pushing the enemy’s head back inside his body. It is safe to say that Goro is pretty strong in this installment of Mortal Kombat X.

For those looking for more Goro gameplay, Amazon Games are hosting a stream in conjunction with NetherRealm which will show Goro in greater detail, as well as just giving fans more Mortal Kombat X goodness. The stream goes live at 9pm GMT and is scheduled to be a 5 hour stream, so there will be plenty of time to see Goro in action.

Also, as we approach the launch of the game a week on Tuesday, it is inevitable that someone will get an early copy of the game through some shady method and will start streaming the game for the whole world to see. One streamer was able to show off some content before the stream police got him and according to the footage he was able to capture, Shinnok is unlocked after completing the Story Mode and you can then unlock Reiko as the game’s secret character if you complete the game on the hardest difficulty. From the stream footage and resulting screenshots captured by fans who were able to watch the broadcast, you do fight characters like Smoke, Kabal and Sindel in some capacity during the Story Mode, but they are not fully fleshed out as fighters. Hopefully, this means they will be DLC later down the line but let’s get the Kombat Pack out of the way first. If you really wish to spoil yourself, head to this thread on the Mortal Kombat subreddit for more details on the leaks.

Check out the Goro trailer below and look out for tons of Mortal Kombat X news as we approach launch and more leakers inevitably come out of the woodwork.

EDIT: The leaker now seems to be releasing videos of the full game via his Youtube channel, so if you really want to be spoiled, check out the channel before it gets taken down.