Halo 5: Guardians Gets Two Live-Action Trailers & A Release Date

Microsoft and 343 Industries are starting up the Halo 5: Guardians hype train in advance of E3 this year, with not one but two live-action trailers for their upcoming exclusive shooter.

The first trailer is shown from the perspective of Spartan Locke, a new character to the Halo universe first introduced in the Halo live-action series, Halo: Nightfall.

Before you get out your pitchforks Chief fans, check out the second trailer which flips the roles and shows us Master Chief’s view of the world.

Okay, colour me hyped. The release date of October 27th is a little later than many would have liked, with rumours swirling of a September release, but October means Halo will have a little time to prove itself before the Call of Duty train rolls into town.

I do sincerely hope the plot isn’t going to be as predictable as many fear it will. Locke hunts down the Chief for some kind of betrayal, Chief explains what’s really going on and they join forces to bring down the real bad guy. But even if it does come down to something as simple as that, I can’t wait to get back into the Halo universe, especially after the Halo 5: Guardians beta.

Time to pick a side guys and girls, are you Team Locke or Team Chief? The correct answer is Team Chief, but if you want to be contrary for the sake of it then be my guest.