Nintendo Announces April Fools’ Day Nintendo Direct

In an announcement that they claim is definitely not a joke, Nintendo is holding a worldwide Direct on April Fools’ Day, to discuss the upcoming games for the 3DS and Wii U. There have been many rumours spiraling around this Nintendo Direct announcement, with there being claims that we will finally¬† get a release date for Mewtwo for Super Smash Bros, more news on Starfox Wii U as well as even a price drop for the system. Many of these claims have since been debunked but it will be interesting to see what actually gets shown off in this Direct.

It is safe to say we will get an official release date for Splatoon, more news on the new Fire Emblem and maybe some sneak peeks at what Nintendo is cooking up for E3 but I doubt we’ll get any earth-shattering information. There is a presentation from the Nintendo Treehouse straight after the Direct, so expect any April Fools’ related shenanigans to happen during that segment.

The Nintendo Direct will be streamed live across all dedicated Nintendo Twitch channels, with the presentation starting at 11pm BST/3pm PT. Let’s hope Iwata and co aren’t pulling some elaborate prank on us. Expect a full write up of the Direct’s juicy reveals very soon.