Bloodborne Day 1 Patch Adds Chalice Dungeons and Other Fixes

Just as a reminder to all your lucky people who get to play Bloodborne tomorrow, Sony are releasing a 2.69GB Day 1 Patch for Bloodborne, which makes the Chalice Dungeons playable, as well as making online play accessible, fixing bugs and a variety of other performance improvements. There have been a couple of wording tweaks to certain item descriptions as well, along with the ability to have your character show their in-game name or your PSN name when playing online. Bloodborne does also give you the choice of whether to play on or offline from startup, to save players having to turn off their Internet connection in order to play alone.

As a result of these patch changes, the official Bloodborne guide has been slightly delayed in order to account for the patch, with the book swelling from 400 pages to 528 pages. One of the contributors to the guide and Souls series Youtuber, EpicNameBro, confirmed on Twitter that the guide’s price will not change in response to this hefty edit.

So, remember to download the patch before you boot up your respective version of Bloodborne and expect our full review very soon. Also, keep an eye out for our special challenge stream of Bloodborne this Friday evening to celebrate the game’s launch!