Endless Legend Launches Eyes on the Stars

Indie developer Amplitude Studios has today released a new update for the 4X fantasy-strategy game Endless Legend, titled Eyes on the Stars.

Eyes on the Stars is the third free update for Endless Legend. Eyes on the Stars features a Victory Quest that gives players the chance to leave Auriga, offers three new map pre-sets, includes a new minor faction and Steam achievements, adds an ask-to-declare war diplomatic option, and provides better modding tools for gamers who love to dig deeper.

Addition Details for Endless Legend: Eyes on the Stars Include:

  • Victory Quest: A final quest for all factions that unlocks after Faction specific Quests, where the player can repair a Spaceship and leave the planet.
  • Three Map Generation Presets: Players will be able to easily choose a map preset for a fresh experience:
    – New World: Players start on the same island and need to conquer a new one for resources.
    – Scattered: Every player starts on its own island.
    – Symmetrical: Symmetrical Twin continents, perfect mirrors of each other.
  • The Dorgeshi Minor Faction: This new Minor Faction, chosen by the community, gives bonuses on Luxuries and has a powerful charging cavalier unit.
  • “Ask to declare war” diplomatic option: Players will be able to ask a faction to declare war on another one.
  • Three Steam Achievements: Community designed Steam Achievements.
  • Enhanced Modding Tools: Modders will be able to have access to the game Simulation.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts: As requested by the community.

Amplitude Studios’ Endless Legend is available to purchase now, with the Eyes on the Stars update is available today.