Blackrock Mountain Coming To Hearthstone In April

Blizzard Entertainment has announced a new adventure is coming to Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft which will give players a new challenge by going into the Blackrock Mountain.

The Blackrock Mountain arc puts players into the middle of a war between powerful forces trying to take control of the mountain. Players will face some tough enemies with them being from the Warcraft universe.

Blackrock Mountain is coming to PC, Android and iPad in April and Blizzard Entertainment will open one wing per week over the month and will be accessible for 700 in-game gold or £4.99 per wing. The entire adventure can also be purchased for £17.49 on PC and £18.99 on Android and iPad.

From March 19th you will be able to pre-order the game and will include an exclusive card back. To find out more information or to pre-order you can head over to Hearthstone’s website.