Heavenstrike Rivals Tips and Tricks Beginner’s Guide

Heavenstrike Rivals recently came to iOS and Android devices, the tactical RPG can be a lot to take in for new players. So this article will help you get into the game if you have not played any JRPGs or turn based strategy games.

Create Squads and keep them updated

As you progress through Heavenstrike Rivals you will gain new fighters and when your squad is full, additional fighters will be stored in your squad storage, allowing you to swap your current squad with any fighters in storage. As your squad is automatically filled it can mean that lower level members can take up positions which you could use. Try keeping tabs on your squads when you get find higher level or rarity allies and change out lower allies.

Balance your squads mana requirements


Stronger allies need more mana to be summoned to the battlefield. You might think that having loads of high skill, high mana cost allies will make a powerful squad but it can be harmful. By only having high level allies, not only will you be restricted to the amount of allies you can have on the battlefield at anyone time, it will also take you longer to summon them. You only get 2 mana per turn with a maximum of 10. So having allies which have a low mana cost can help you get started in the early stages of the battle and move up the field.

It does work both ways though and balance is the key, having some high level allies will help you turn the battle in your favor when used correctly. Too many low mana allies might get wiped out too quickly as they usually have lower stats.

Use your Captain skills often

One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting the game was continually saving my captain skill until I thought I needed it. As it is usable again normally after 5-6 turns, it is good to use them at the earliest but useful opportunity so they can be used again towards the end of the battle.

Select the right Captain skill for your squads battle focus


Depending on how you have built your squad, you will need to decide a captain which complements your squad’s battle style and focus. Having a healing captain skill in a squad full of mages is probably overdoing healing and you’d be better off using a more offensive skill for some variety.

You could also go the other way and set up a squad of full on attackers with your captain skill being an offensive attack to do even more damage.

What one you choose is up to you but just remember to actually use them. If used correctly, they can turn the tide of battle and turn a losing fight into a win.

The Vanguard is your most important unit

The Vanguard is the one unit that will always be in your starting hand, so choosing the correct one is key to a strong squad and should be your trump card. What Vangaurd you choose will depend on your squad set up but a Super Rare unit with decent stats is a good way to start.

Do the daily events


There are daily missions which you can complete and although they take more effort to win, they will give you much better rewards than the standard battles. Event missions are a good way to get rarer fighters and increase your squad power output.

Board stat tiles, use them and guard them

The stat tiles on some battles can be more useful than a handful of high level allies. Racing to get to these first and stopping your enemy from landing on them can put the battle instantly in your favour and give you a helpful safety net. Attack tiles are great to bring up a low level ally’s power to the same strength as one of your high level fighters and health tiles can save you from needing a healer on the field while also buffing up your Vanguard or shield class to be an unstoppable wall.

Sometimes the tiles can be closer to the enemy (normally in boss battles), so racing to a certain title and getting there before an enemy can dramatically change the outcome of an upcoming fight.

Magic users can attack in either direction

Magic users do not attack just in front of them, they are able to attack any tile which is directly next to them. This allows you to plan where you place your magic users for the biggest AOE damage.

Don’t forget your squad members can move

Another one of my other biggest mistakes was forgetting I can shift ally unites across to another tile row. This can be an invaluable tactic as it allows you to buff your allies on stat tiles or move out the way of bigger enemies and give yourself a little time to prepare. It is also a great way on conserving your mana and doing as much damage as you can with the allies you have on the field.

The most important reason to move your squad members in battle is to be able to attack the captain as often as you can. Be careful though, as you can only ever go forwards.

Cores, spend them in bulk

Cores, might as well use them.

If you want some new units and the chance to get rarer ones, it is better in the long run to buy the 10 unit pack, rather than single units as spending the equivalent amount of cores on single units will only get you 9. Who can turn down an extra unit, right?

This last one is more of my personal opinion, how you spend your cores is up to you but having a stronger squad is always the best use of any resource.

That’s it for our beginner’s guide, if you are playing Heavenstrike Rivals and want to add to the guide send us an email and we will update this article with your tips and tricks.