New Toukiden Kiwami Trailer Shows Off PS4/PS Vita Crossplay

Crossplay is a feature which is very much under utilised at the moment, so this new trailer for Toukiden Kiwami shows the welcome ability for PS Vita players to play along with PS4 players. There is also the added bonus that Toukiden Kiwami supports Cross Saves, so if you have both versions of the game, you can continue your progress wherever you go.

Unfortunately, there is no news on if the game will have Cross Buy support so you will have to pop down about £90 if you want to have both the shiny, current generation version as well as the portable, you can play on the toilet version. At least you could link your PS Vita to your PS4 if you are really strapped for cash and want to slay demons wherever you go.

Check out the trailer and expect more Toukiden Kiwami news as we approach its 27th of March release date: