5 Characters and More Info Revealed in Mortal Kombat X Blowout

Instead of his usual tendency to troll Mortal Kombat fans, Ed Boon has dropped an absolute bomb of Mortal Kombat X news on Twitter today, announcing 5 unseen characters, a bunch of story information and much more. This is after Brutalities were revealed in yesterday’s Kombat Kast, the guys over at NetherRealm are going into information overdrive, giving hungry Mortal Kombat fans the precious info they want.

This brand new trailer from NetherRealm shows off some of the new Story Mode, as well as brand new characters like daughter of Jax, Jacqueline Briggs, the descendent of Kung Lao, Kung Jin as well as returning fighters like Mileena and Sindel. This time, the story revolves mainly around the descendents of the surviving fighters from Mortal Kombat 9, 25 years after the events of that game. Players seem to follow Cassie, Kung Jin, Jacqueline and Takeshi Takeda, son of blind swordsman Kenshi, as they quest to not only keep the armies of Outworld at bay, but other forces both familiar and new. Expect old favourites like Raiden to be helping them along the way, with Quan Chi and his zombified fighters attempting to keep the forces of Earth from stopping his grand plan, of probably reviving Shinnok.

Check out the Mortal Kombat X trailer below and expect more juicy info very soon.