Charlie Returns for Street Fighter V

In a trailer released by Capcom today, we got another look at Street Fighter V as well as confirmation that Charlie Nash will be returning as a playable fighter. He looks a lot different in this one though, sporting quite noticeable stitches across his body, as well as grey discolouration in certain areas.

This is probably from his rebirth at the hands of M. Bison, which also probably contributes to his new ability to teleport across the stage as well. His new design, complete with green gem embedded in his forehead, makes him look somewhat similar to Gill from Street Fighter 3, if a little less technicoloured. Charlie looks like he has quite the formidable arsenal of attacks in this installment of Street Fighter, with him sporting a double Sonic Boom, aerial and ground based Flash Kicks as well as a meaty looking slam move, on top of his new found ability to teleport. Expect plenty of opportunities to pull off some crazy high-low mixups with Charlie in Street Fighter V

Along with seeing Charlie in action, the end of the trailer hinted to the return of another fan favourite with the silhouette of M Bison appearing for a short second, letting off a blast of Psycho Power and cackling before the video’s end. No doubt we’ll see what the head of Shadaloo can do in the next trailer for Street Fighter V. Check out the trailer below and expect more Street Fighter V news as we slowly creep towards E3.