Candy Crush gets Valentine’s Day Red Candy Challenge

King Digital are launching their first in-game challenge for the Candy Crush Saga for 24 hours only on Valentine’s Day. Players are able to take part and have to match 1000 red candies in order to obtain a special prize.

Starting from 8AM GMT players can launch the Candy Crush on their mobile or Facebook and start to match red candies. If they successfully complete the challenge they will rewarded with 10 gold bars and a lollipop hammer. If you buy gold bars in the 24 hors you will get unlimited lives for 24 hours allowing to to keep on playing.

“At King we’re always looking for new ways to entertain our players and continually add new content to our games,”

“And this Valentine’s Day is no exception. For the first time we’ll be offering all the  Candy Crush Saga players around the world the chance to compete in a live in-game challenge. Players will have 24 hours to match 1000 red candies on any level and those that reach the target will receive some sweet in-game rewards.”

– Sebastian Knutsson, Chief Creative Officer at King.

Be prepared Candy Crush fans, Valentine’s Day won’t last long.