Binding of Isaac Rebirth to Receive Afterbirth DLC

In a post today from Edmund McMillan on the Binding of Isaac dev blog, more details have been revealed on the new Afterbirth DLC, which is due to launch hopefully in the middle of this year. This new DLC, according to Edmund, will aim to have:

  • 100+ new items
  • A full new game mode that will totally change how you play
  • 10 new challenges
  • A new playable character
  • A new alternate finale
  • New alternate floors
  • New endings
  • New final bosses
  • More new enemies and bossess
  • New items, as well as cards, pills, pickups and more
  • New achievements and rewards for completing Hard Mode runs
  • New co-op babies
  • New transformations

As well as a whole heap of extra stuff which has yet to be revealed. It is reckoned to add another 100-200 hours of content to a game which has already eaten the spare time of many players, so you can hardly accuse the Isaac team of shortchanging fans with their DLC offerings. Also, Edmund is taking fan requests for new item combinations over on the Binding of Isaac subreddit so if you wish to see a certain item combo in the game, go and comment and your idea may be in the Afterbirth DLC. So far, top suggestions seem to be Monstro’s Lung combinations, as well as laser synergies with the Technology items. Edmund did do a similar poll for fan challenges, so expect there to be plenty of fan input in the making of the Afterbirth DLC.

In other Isaac news, the programmer on the original Binding of Isaac Florian Himsel, is currently working on an update for the Wrath of the Lamb which adds in new ‘eternal’ bosses. These are incredibly overpowered and designed to be a challenge for die-hard classic Isaac players. The two are therefore working on a new patch for the old game, adding in these eternal bosses, as well as some new enemies and other features which will be a nice free bonus for any people who are still dedicated to the original Binding of Isaac. It is unclear when the patch will come out but it will only be available if you own both the original Binding of Isaac and the Wrath of the Lamb DLC.

Check out the trailer of the eternal bosses below and remember to comment on the Binding of Isaac subreddit for your chance to have your unique item combo including in the Afterbirth DLC: