Legend Of Zelda Series Coming To Netflix?

Legend Of Zelda on TV? Surely not? And if it is true? How?! WHAT?!

A few years ago an april fools joke excited many people. A trailer for Legend Of Zelda film was released, and while it may not have had the visual of a high end production, it was crafted in such a way that even those who instantly recognised it as a joke, had a small glimmer of hope that the date was just a coincidence, and that Link would be making a big screen appearance.

Now, according to a Wall Street Journal article, Nintendo are said to be working with Netflix to develop an exclusive Legend Of Zelda, live action series. Though it currently stands as just a rumour, the report mentions how they are “still seeking a writer to work on the series.”

The real question is, how would they tackle the story? Would Link be the protagonist? If so, would he talk? How many TV shows c\an you name that centre around a mute elf? Will it be a lose adaptation of the Zelda structure that we know, or would it just be set in a Hyrulian kingdom? The main question though, is would it be good?