ArenaNet Offers Players a First Look at Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

ArenaNet and NCSoft, the developer and publisher of Guild Wars 2 have released details about the two big features coming in the expansion, Heart of Thorns. ArenaNet is inviting players to learn more about the Mastery System, with the vision on what happens next at endgame. As well as looking at the new location which is the heart of the expansion, Heart of Maguuma, a dense jungle landscape unlike anything seen in Guild Wars 2.

The Heart of Maguuma

Picking up where Season 2 left off, players will journey deeper into the Heart of Maguum to find out what happened to the pact fleet. The location is split up into 3 biomes and brings more depth in the sense of verticality which will influence gameplay. Hang-gliding and jumping on mushrooms is some of the new skills players must learn to master.

The first map will allow players to engage with the pact survivors where they are setting up defence for the night-time. When darkness comes, so will the next phase of the map which is Mordrem masses trying to overtake the Pact defenders. Defending the outposts and preparing them by levelling up will be critical for the new adventure system and provides challenge to players .

The Mastery System

Ever wondered what there is to do next when your character is max level? Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns has your back with the new mastery system.

Designed to respect the time and effort a player has put into their level 80 characters by giving them new ways to grow beyond just a number. By gaining masteries it will allow characters new skills such as hang-gliding and some will be earned through experience in PvE regions which are tied to those skills.

Masteries will level up independently meaning multiple tiers and simultaneous progression for your character. Unlocked first by using mastery point which can be gained through completing chapters in a character’s story, completing achievements, finding secret locations, defeating difficult enemies, map completion and doing well in the new adventure system. Collection of points can happen at any level but can only be used once they get to level 80. They will also bring new benefits to all characters in the player’s account.

Rewarding players for the past achievements and growing their characters by focusing on gameplay is the clear goal of the mastery system. It is not just about the grind for gear.

If you want to see the gameplay first hand then ArenaNet are live streaming Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns on their official show Points of Interest on their channel at  Friday 6th February from 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET).