Japan-Only Xenoblade Chronicles X Stream Airs February 6th

In their tradition of game specific presentations, Nintendo of Japan is holding a Xenoblade Chronicles X exclusive stream on the 6th of February. Take not that this presentation is not actually a Nintendo Direct, so it will not follow the usual conventions that you expect from a Nintendo Direct. Expect loads of juicy information none the less.

From the image to go with the announcement, this stream will deal with a general overview and introduction of the game, as well as a closer look at the Overworld which you will explore over the course of the game. Hopefully, we’ll see some mech on monster action, along with some greater details about the game’s story and combat system.

No doubt translators will be hard at work gleaming as much information from this stream as possible but if you do want to watch the Direct live, you can go to Nintendo of Japan’s Youtube page to watch it on the 6th. It will air at 2pm GMT/8am EST if you do wish to watch. I’m guessing we will see a Japanese release date announced at the very least, with Nintendo of Europe and America expanding on a Western release in their next Direct.

So, stay tuned for more Xenoblade Chronicles X information later this week, after this stream has aired.