Darkest Dungeon Enters Steam Early Access Tomorrow

The gothic, roguelike dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon, which sees you not only battling terrifying monsters but dealing with the emotional stress of adventuring, enters Steam Early Access tomorrow. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year and after some positive showings at PAX East and PAX Prime, is ready to grace the world with its grim, brutal presence tomorrow.

Darkest Dungeon has a distinctly Lovecraftian sensibility, combining gritty 2D comic visuals with a brutal battle system which has them having to balance their party members’ mental state, along with how much damage they do. The lingering threat of permadeath can make for some truly edge of your pants battles, and if you carefully balance the game’s Affliction System, a burst of anger could turn the tide of a tough fight.

Darkest Dungeon is also coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita sometime in the near future, so you can take the crushing, soul destroying grind of adventuring to your sofa and on the go. Check out the launch trailer below and expect more coverage of Darkest Dungeon in the near future. That’s hoping we don’t go mad.