Starbound Update Upbeat Giraffe Adds Tons Of Fun

In the latest update for Chucklefish’s Space exploration hit, Starbound, players will be greeted with a whole galaxy worth of new things to do. Whether previous features are refined, or new content enables deeper exploration, “Upbeat Giraffe” certainly seems to be the biggest update Starbound has seen since its release.

Some of the more notable changes and additions include a new race called Novakids, unique ship A.I for each race, new quests, a hub for trading and upgrading as well as tons of other great new stuff.

One of the more exciting changes is that tech has been split into four different equipable slots, instead of the prior one tech at a time approach. This will allows for much faster utilisation of the upgrades without having to switch between tech per situation.

For the full list of additions, check out Chucklefish’s blog post that details the update. Either that or download it and get exploring, it won’t take long for you to notice the differences. As a final note, though it may appear your previous characters have been erased, they simply have had their save file name changed, but Chucklefish strongly suggest you play with a fresh character to really take advantage of the new updates early game content.