Apex 2015 Changes Venue After Hotel Disaster

In what has been a stressful few hours for fighting game fans, the Smash Bros centric tournament, Apex 2015, is set to switch venues after a disastrous opening day at their original venue.

After somebody accidentally set off a fire alarm this morning, fire marshals were called into the venue in order to find the source of the problem. On closer inspection, due to the recent blizzard which effected much of New Jersey and New York, much of the hotel and the adjoining car park had been badly damaged. This damage was so severe that the roof of the parking garage collapsed, causing the ballrooms and side rooms to be evacuated in case of any further incident. The event was then forcibly cancelled, as fire marshals deemed the venue too dangerous for continuous use and putting the whole event in jeopardy of being completely stopped.

After many panicked hours of calling venues and moving hundreds of gaming setups, Apex 2015 is now set to continue at a different venue, with a couple of events suspended in order to continue the main event. This was in no small part to the actions of Twitch, who were able to not only find a suitable venue but sort out buses to move equipment and players over to the new site.

So, Apex 2015 will resume tomorrow at the Garden State Convention Centre in Somerset, New Jersey, with streams proceeding hopefully as normal. Reports suggest that doubles of Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros for Wii U have been dropped from the billing in order for the tournament to make up for lost time but this is yet to be confirmed.

Kudos must go to the Apex tournament organisers, any players at the event and Twitch for pulling together and making the best of a dire situation. Keep an eye out on the official Apex Series Twitter for changes to schedule and pools updates, and expect some happier news coming out of the tournament over the course of the weekend.