The Elder Scrolls Online Drops Subscription and Comes to Consoles on 9th June

In news that has been long awaited and pretty much expected, The Elder Scrolls Online is finally dropping its subscription fee and is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on the 9th of June, a whole year later than initially planned. ESO will no longer require a subscription fee in order to play but players can still pay a monthly subscription to be an ESO Plus member.

The Elder Scrolls Online Plus gives you a monthly allotment of Crowns, ESO’s premium currency, along with exclusive in-game bonuses and access to all the game’s DLC as long as you are a member. Optional downloadable content, vanity items and Crowns will still require actual money to purchase, but all of the game’s title updates will be free for everyone who buys the game.

The console version of the game bares the subtitle ‘Tamriel Unlimited’, and will include all the gameplay changes and updates that the PC version received since the game’s launch. PC players will actually be able to play ‘Tamriel Unlimited’ on the 17th of March, just to entice old players back into the world of the Elder Scrolls.

Check out the CGI trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online below and read our review of the PC version right here: