New Screenshots Revealed For Survive The Nights

Survive The Nights is an upcoming indie zombie survival craft game under development by a2z(Interactive); And the latest screenshots look fantastic

There are many zombie survival craft games out there these days, each trying to prove it can do the genre justice, and each vying to make the best zombie apocalypse possible. Survive The Nights is one of the higher anticipated ones available, with some very unique and interesting features already having been showcased.

One thing that is integral to the atmosphere of any zombie game, is the graphics and the setting, something that has been showcased in the latest screenshots from a2z. The shots show the forest setting that we have seen before in previously released videos, but they certainly look a lot prettier now. In one of the shots, you can see a house perched on a rock, seemingly giving the player a good view of the surrounding area, and any zombie threat that may be incoming.

We are all anxious to see what Survive The Nights will hold for us, and whether it will be a competitor for the already established titles. If these screenshots are anything to go by, then we are at least in for a good looking apocalypse.