Guild Wars 2: January 27th Balance Changes Preview

Are you a fan of Guild Wars 2? Are you wondering what tweaks and changes are coming to the game? If you are then this might interest you. On January 27th 2015 the game will be updated with a new patch with a plethora changes. As a little sneak peak, the team at Arenanet have posted an article previewing what you can expect from the patch.

The main features of this update revolve around general conditions and mechanics of the game as well as class balancing.With the competitive scene growing day by day, there has been plenty of opportunities to monitor the game and amend as needed. In the article it details updates to mechanics such as the Might Boon, Confusion, and the effects of Battle Items, as well as new Battle Items becoming available and tweaks to classes and their skills.

For more information about the January 27th update, please head on over to the official Guild Wars 2 website. Game well.