Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Raises Half A Million Dollars

Once a year, speed runners from all over the world come together for Awesome Games Done Quick, a special event where they play their favourite games live on Twitch to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a charity that funds research to find ways to eradicate the life changing illness once and for all.

After many hours of gameplay and donations, the event has now raised over half a million dollars, which is almost halfway to beating the record set at last years event of $1,031,189. If you want to send some of your hard earned money to this worthy cause, be sure to check out the official stream page for more information.

You can also buy a special Humble Bundle that has assembled for the occasion, with all the proceeds going to the same charity as the stream. Are you planning to donate, or have you already made your donation? Let us know in the comments below.