Mad Catz LYNX 9 Price Announced

In news from Mad Catz today, the LYNX 9 controller, which resembles the offspring of an Xbox One pad and Megatron, will retail for £249.99 and can be pre-ordered prior to its March release.

This foldable device acts as a PC controller, a stand and controller for Android phones as well as a controller compatible with Android tablets. The controller consists of two ‘wings’ which can fold to act as a stand or a normal controller, as well as the central ‘brain’ which has a built in microphone for voice commands.

A keyboard module is also available, adding a QWERTY keyboard to this Batarang shaped controller as well as a smartphone and tablet clip to attach to various devices.

You can pre-order the controller from the official Mad Catz website here, should you wish to front up the cash to play with a mini Decepticon.