GTAV Online Gets A Festive Update

Grab your rocket launcher and throw some snowballs, GTAV Online has a seasonal update.

GTAV Onlines latest update will have you in the mood for Brandy and Mince pies as Christmas hits Los Santos. The update will provide many yuletide pleasures including and not limited to a Homing Rocket Launcher and Proximity Mines. Don’t worry, not everything in the update is so Christmassy, we also have special snowfalls, free clothing in the store, and gifts on christmas day. The aforementioned snowfalls will also allow us to have snowball fights with each other, so keep your eyes out for those days.

As well as the festive fun, which will stretch out to the new year with the return of the fireworks and fireworks launcher, we also have another appreciated gift from Rockstar. We as property owners and go getters in Los Santos, have now been allowed the privilege of a third dwelling.Thats right, we are now able to own up to three properties in and around Los Santos.