DayZ Patch 0.52 Sees All New Content

The latest patch For DayZ Standalone adds things such as full ghillie suits, swords and seeds.

At this point in its development, DayZ is on the verge of becoming the game that so many have been waiting for, with recent patches adding Vehicles. With the base being set, it is all likely to be up from here, with vehicle repairs and upgrades being on the DayZ Roadmap along with countless other things, every update from now on will be extremely exciting, with todays not being an exception to this rule.

The addition of Ghillie suit will help those who enjoy the concept of staying out of sight, while the horticulturists among us will rejoice at the addition of more seeds to help with the plight against starvation. There is also new nature based crafting recipes to help you get started, such as the stone knife and the fishing rod, both of which you can craft with the items you find in the wilderness. There is even the morbid addition of a suicide mechanic, as anyone who has ever found themselves stranded without a chance of survival will be pleased to hear about. No longer will you have to run head first into zombies to get yourself a fair restart.

It’s not all so dark though as listed on the mechanics section of the patch list, is a strange entry. Christmas Presents. As the only bit of information available, it will be down to the community to figure out what these presents entail. Whether it is an action you can do to gift things to other survivors, or whether logging in on Christmas day will result in the acceptance of a present, time and experimentation will tell. Maybe the addition of a teddy bear has something to with it. Then again, maybe it’s just a teddy bear.