2014 Christmas Video Game Gifts Buyers Guide

With Christmas only a few weeks away now is the last chance to get your gamer brother, sister, partner, friend pet a great game to play over the festive season. With so many out there we have created a list of this years best games which are worth picking up. So without further adieu and in no particular order.

Mario Kart 8

Picked by Sam
Mario Kart 8 Boxart Christmas is the season of joy and goodwill to everyone, right? With the gaming world being in the doldrums as of late and most of this year’s games line-up has been lacking in the fun department, being dominated by overhyped disappointments or games so samey, it felt like this year was a bit of a non-starter. Nintendo however, has not let the side down and actually remembered that games can be fun! So, in that respect, I recommend you go out and buy Mario Kart 8 this Christmas, to remind yourself that games can actually be joyful. Not only is MK8 the best driving experience in Mario Kart history, but it looks great, sounds amazing and is perfect for settling any holiday grievance that has come up during the turkey carving.

Valkyria Chronicles (PC)

Picked by Dom

Valkyria-Chronicles If you have been yearning for a game similar to X-Com that has difficult challenges, requires a lot of strategy and has you form bonds with your team mates then this is the game for you. Squad 7 may look like an ordinary militia, but in your hands they can become the true might of Galia!

The Banner Saga (PC)

Picked by Will

The-Banner-Saga An utterly gorgeous turn-based strategy game that mixes XCOM, old-school Disney animation and a choose your own adventure book. For £15 you get a wonderfully crafted story about ancient evils, an ending world and what people are willing to do to keep their loved ones alive. A perfect, slow paced experience to sit through for those long winter nights.


Picked by Callam


Even though it was first released last year, GTAV is still a top pick for Christmas 2014 due to it’s new features, and better graphics. With a more power behind the game, there is a wealth of new things to look forward to in GTAV, including more wildlife, better customisation and of course the first person mode. Not only this, but the coveted ‘Heist update’ is said to be on its way in the next patch.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited

Picked by Luke

The remake of the popular PlayStation 3 title. A promise revisited adds together all the DLC from the original game as well as new systems and content in a portable package for the PlayStation Vita. A perfect Christmas present for the Disgaea fan or a gamer who likes their SRPGs (Strategy RPGs). What’s not to love about Prinnies?

Don Bradman Cricket 14

Picked by Kieran
Don Bradman Cricket 14

As a massive cricket fan I’d begun to lose all hope of ever playing a cricket game that resembled the sport. Then Don Bradman Cricket 14 came along. From a small studio it packs a punch and delivers more than Codemasters and EA could in their time at the crease

Here are some other worth while mentions

What games do you want for Christmas? Let us know in the comments and why you think it would be a good Christmas gift.