Don’t Starve Together Beta Available For Purchase

Those who didn’t get a free beta access code for Don’t Starve Together now have another option for not starving with their friends.

Don’t Starve Together beta keys recently went out to a lot of players, allowing many to play with their friends for the first time. With Don’t Starve being notoriously tricky when playing solo, the idea of playing with friends makes the game seems all the more appealing to many.

For those who didn’t gain access to the Don’t Starve Together beta, you are not entirely out of luck. With the purchase of a Don’t Starve Together Frontier pack, you will bag yourself two codes to the Early Access Beta. It must be pointed out that as soon as Don’t Starve Together leaves the early access stage, it will become available for free for all who own a copy of Don’t Starve, but those who love the game and are desperate to survive that much longer with a friend, will have the option for purchasing access.

For a full rundown of what the Frontier pack gets you, check out this Dev blog post