TERA: Fate of Arun – Journey to the North Update

Gameforge have announced the release of Tera: Fate of Arun and update which carries on the adventures into the Northern Arun which includes 4 new zones, more quests and a new style of arena.

Here are the updates in a quick summary.

  • Four additional zones – Savage Reach, Spring Valley, Arx Umbra and Ex Prima
  • Level cap increased to 65
  • New class skills
  • Exciting continuation of TERA’s storyline
  • Four challenging instances – Sabex Armory, Ravenous Gorge, Macellarius Catacombs, Bathysmal Rise
  • Monkeydrome

The longer version below:

King of Apeland
Fate of Arun introduces a new style of competition between players. In the Monkeydrome, two teams of three players face off against streaming hordes of monsters and attempt to outdo their opponents. Points are earned depending on the size and number of defeated enemies – from nigh-on defenceless cannon fodder right up to TERA’s hefty BAMs (Big Ass Monsters). It’s particularly important for the teams to concentrate their efforts: if they spread the damage too thinly, there’s a chance that enemies will disappear again before they can be finished off. Teams compete over three rounds, but to add an extra layer of strategy, they can spend the points earned during each round on special boosts for their own team or extra hurdles for their opponents: strengthening attacks, adding extra waves of monsters or – especially mean – a spell which intermittently stuns the opposing team for a few seconds.

On to New Shores
The journey to the continent’s northern reaches begins with a flight in an airship. The four new zones – Savage Reach, Spring Valley, Arx Umbra and Ex Prima – are populated with old friends and new enemies, who will accompany the players on their way to the new increased maximum level 65. A variety of new skills are available for every class along the way. Certain mechanics will also see an overhaul in this expansion.

Thanks to the Unreal 3 Engine the diverse landscapes of the new areas captivate the imagination with their fantastic visuals. On their journey through the unexplored territories, players will discover the homeland of the ancient Baraka and fight for the freedom of this wise people, oppressed and enslaved by the Archdevas.

New instances, such as the Sabex Armory or the Macellarius Catacombs, fit seamlessly into the story and are well suited for the players to use for levelling up. They already become available at levels 61 to 64. The dungeons Ravenous Gorge and Bathysmal Rise represent endgame content that will present even more experienced player groups with a real challenge. In every battle, heroes will have to cope with surprising fighting techniques and puzzles which can only be mastered as a team.