Lara Croft On Mobile Gets iOS 8 Support

Just as the latest in the Lara Croft series, The Temple of Osiris, gets launched, the prequel that started this Tomb Raider offshoot gets a big update for iOS 8, optimising the game for higher-end Apple devices such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and beyond.

What this means is that Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light should run better on those devices. Of course, this is for the iOS version of the game, which is a universal app meaning it’ll run on all iOS devices.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is the award-winning co-op spinoff of Tomb Raider, which features an isometric view and challenges players to arcadey puzzle-solving co-op action as either Lara or the Guardian of Light himself, Totec. Released in 2010, it garnered critical acclaim and its sequel, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, was released last week.