First Live Gameplay Demo of Street Fighter V at Capcom Cup 2014

Coming out of the already exciting Capcom Cup, the first live gameplay of Street Fighter V was seen on stage as Peter ‘Combofiend’ Rosas took on Mike Ross in a quick exhibition match. In the match, we saw some new features in action, like the new Revenge meter which seems to be used for Ultras only and a revamped EX meter, which is now character specific and used to buff character moves for a short period.

Also shown was the stage transitions, which seem to happen if you KO a player in the corner and then extends the battle space between two screens. As well as this, there also seem to be scripted stage interactions, as seen when Chun Li was hit with a Metsu Hadouken in the corner of the tea room.

Another short gameplay trailer was also dropped, showing what looked like a Parry system similar to Third Strike, along with a stinger at the end of the trailer showing what seemed to be Charlie from the Street Fighter Alpha series. No doubt we’ll find out more information in the new year but check out the two videos below for more information: