Digital Reissue Of MGS4: Guns Of The Patriots

Hideo Kojimas Metal Gear Solid: Guns Of The Patriots is set to return as a digital download for the first time.

6 years since its original release, Hideo Kojima’s ground breaking Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The patriots finally is to become available for digital purchase. Exploring one of gaming’s most iconic characters later life, and answering long lasting questions from the series, MGS4 is easily a classic title and an essential addition to the Metal Gear set. MGS4 Introduced an all new stealth camo system, the “Metal Gear MKII” droid, and a whole host of new gadgets, characters, and game mechanics.

The reissue marks the first time that MGS4 has been released as a digital download, and will be a 30GB download, said to be released at around the €20 (approx £15.78, but we can expect the price to be rounded up). If you are waiting on MGS: The Phantom Pain, like so many others, this may be a great way to tide you over and rekindle a great fire.