Sony Teases ‘Emagon’ for December 5

In a mysterious trailer from Playstation Spain, something called Emagon is going to be announced this Friday. According to a blog post from Playstation Spain, this enigmatic announcement has something to do with the 20 year anniversary of Playstation and will offer something special for the occasion, which is apparently a best kept secret.

This could be preempting an announcement by Sony at this Friday’s Game Awards but it’s anyone guess as to what ‘Emagon’ is. It is ‘No Game’ backwards so could it be the long awaited cancellation of the Last Guardian? Who knows but we will find out more this Friday. Check out the trailer below, as well as an English translation of the message:

20 years. It’s a lot of time. Look around you and see everything you’ve obtained. You’ve ruled in infinite places, you’ve conquered and freed. You’ve built and destroyed. You’ve been the light against the darkness. However, this time is different. This time, it’s real. For the first time, your actions have real consequences. They need your help. I know you can hear them. The power to change things is in your hands.