PMBR Releases Project M 3.5

In news many fans have been waiting to hear, the Project M Back Room have finally released version 3.5 of the popular Brawl mod out to the public. This version adds new costumes for most fighters, a fully fleshed out Debug Mode where you can check hitboxes, frame data, advantages on block and many other variables to make you the best fighter possible.

A lot of balance changes have gone into this version, including reductions on recovery times as well as big reworks of Ganondorf and Zelda, with the Demon King now gaining the ability to float as well as a reflector for projectiles. Event Matches and the Subspace Emissary are also fully compatible with this version and the game will soon be available on PAL Wiis for the very first time. You can check the full change log and get the download link at the Project M website.

Check out the trailer below and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: