Wildstars “Mystery Of The Genesis Prime” Is Live

Wildstar fans rejoice, as the newest free content update becomes available.

Wildstar will continue to grow with free updates, each one adding something different. After the previous “Strain” update and the PVP orientated “Sabotage” update, many were wondering what would follow, and the answer is this.

It’s been about six months since Wildstars launch, and in those months we have had multiple updates and patches. The latest of which is “Mystery Of The Genesis Prime”, a huge addition that expands on the Lore of Wildstar, adds to Planet Nexus with a new level 50 zone, and promises to address 100s of pages of bugs and tweaks.

The story of Wildstar will continue to be told with updates in the future, with “Journey To The Omnicore-1” being one of many episodic advances in the lore, so those who still have questions about the story of Wildstar, may just find some answers here.

There is loads of new content to explore for free in Wildstars Nexus, so when better to re-whet your appetite for Sci-Fi multiplayer madness?