Tekken 7 New Characters & Gameplay Trailer Breakdown

A new king of iron fist will be crowned as the next tournament slowly arrives. Tekken 7 recently got a brand new trailer released from Japan showcasing a great deal of new content. In this little breakdown of the trailer, we will see what new details we can find from the gameplay.

First it is great to see that a large number of the classic roster is returning. Iconic fighters such as Kazuya and Heihachi are playing a big role in the story this time around after the release of the original reveal trailer, but it is good to see others such as Lily, Feng, Hworang, Paul and Law returning to fight once again. The start of the gameplay showcases that the title will be running at 60 FPS and 1080p, making this the most graphically appealing Tekken in the franchise. The soundtrack as well seems to be an upgrade from the fantastic Tekken Tag Tournament 2 OST, bringing back the tunes that will keep your blood pumping and fists flying.

Also returning from Tag Tournament 2 is environmental destruction. About thirty seconds in you can see an attack that breaks the floor leading on to a new area of the stage. Cannot wait to see where the fight will end up going. The particle effects as well as character models and stages have had a full revamp thanks to the HD graphics. Punching someone with Steve or power bombing opponents as King has never looked so great.

One of the biggest reveals in the trailer are two new characters entering the fray. First is Claudio, who seems to be one of the first projectile characters in Tekken history. Second is Katarina, whose kicks remind me of another fighters style of combat. Looking at these characters closer, Claudio seems to specialize in energy based attacks. Being able to blast back close range opponents and also able to channel this energy into some kind of arrow for long range. Katarina on the other hand literally seems to be the female alternative to Hworang. Similar to Christie and Eddy, a female alternate can come with changes to the moveset that make her play completely different to the original. I look forward to seeing more from these two characters as well as maybe more new fighters being introduced.

The second big reveal in the gameplay was a new system. This new mechanic looks similar to the charge up attacks from Street Fighter IV combined with the combo breaker from Killer Instinct. By the looks of things, you can time an attack against an opponent which will result in a repost. This inflicts your opponent with good damage, roughly 10% of their health bar, and now leaves you with the edge in a fight. However timing this is key, similar to the parry mechanic from Street Fighter III. Too early and your opponents attack still goes through. Too late and your repost can be broken in mid animation. This will test gamers to see who is truly going to be the best fighter, especially in online matchmaking. Also it is key to note that these attacks can leave you open to a grab. So indeed perfect timing is key.

Lastly we get a new announcement revealing that every fighter will now have their own super moves. For years some Tekken players were curious as to why the series has not tried touching on super meters or moves of that kind. Now with it added in, the end game match ups are going to be just as ferocious as the start. From what I could gather these super moves can only be used when your health is in the red. Then, supposedly after inputting a certain combo, your character will go for the move. Hitting it successfully will result in massive damage to your opponent, rounding up to 50% of their health being depleted in a single attack. Whilst also looking incredible and catering to all the different fighters styles of combat, these moves should definitely change how players go into the matches. Have you ever watched those epic Street Fighter end games where one super can change everything? Well now that is going to be ever so present in the world of Tekken.

Not seen the trailer? Have a look at it here thanks to Maximillian on YouTube

With what seems like great new additions to the series, I cannot wait to get my hands on Tekken 7. Could this be the big jolt that the series needs in order to keep the fans and introduce new ones? Only time will tell. With no release date announced so far, Tekken 7 will be gracing your PS4 soon.

What are your thoughts on the new trailer for Tekken 7? Are you pumped to get back into the fight? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.